CIF Projects

On September 1st, 2019, The Bahamas was impacted by category 5 Hurricane Dorian, the strongest on record for the country. According to the Damage and Loss Assessment (DALA), Dorian damaged 54% of the total infrastructure of the country’s power sector.

Through CIF the EU joined forces with IDB to support The Bahamas government in its rehabilitation of critical energy infrastructure and restoration of electricity service in islands heavily affected by hurricane Dorian, while integrating renewable energy.

In order to build the capacities of The Bahamas government to become more resilient to climate change and extreme weather events, the project will invest a total of 81.000.000 euros in resilient infrastructure, stronger environmental protection, and renewable energy as a cleaner and cheaper energy source.

The project is declined into the main following 3 components:

  • Immediate Rehabilitation to Introduce More Resilient and Renewable Energy Infrastructure ...
Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 81 000 000    |   CIF contribution: € 8 200 000
Dates: Sep/2021 - Sep/2025    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Bahamas

The main purpose of this project is to mitigate the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic on the Dominican Republic and to reinforce the country’s capacities in terms of resilience, preparedness and response to crises through the enhancement of its health and social policies while at the same time promoting Good Governance principles. This will be done through the strengthening of the country’s health surveillance system and the development of social protection measures, with a particular focus on women's empowerment.

The project includes two components: the development of rapid responses and long-term public policies to support the healthcare system, the social protection sector and the economy, and the implementation of technical assistance and equipment investments to support the development of the measures mentioned above.

Sector: Health    |   Total estimated budget: € 433 500 000    |   CIF contribution: € 8 448 000
Dates: Jun/2021 - Jun/2025    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Dominican Republic

Over the past decades, Jamaica has experienced low levels of economic growth – less than 1% yearly average – and debt levels to GDP ratios of over 100%. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has proved its devastating impact on economy, tackling health security issues and the need for availability and access to water, sanitation, and hygiene are thus of utmost importance to boost the country’s entrepreneurship.

Through CIF, the EU spearheaded a collective initiative by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), supporting the Jamaican government to undertake specific economic measures, such as the provision of grants and support to the most affected. The project translates into a total investment of 51.356.000 euros to promote inclusive growth and productivity by fostering innovation in the private sector. It will also carry a strong gender-responsive component, since Jamaican women play a disproportionate role in responding to the pandemic and ...

Sector: Support to SMEs    |   Total estimated budget: € 51 356 000    |   CIF contribution: € 7 200 000
Dates: Dec/2020 - Dec/2020    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Jamaica

This programme seeks to support the Dominican authorities at both local and national levels in their engagement in transformational actions for a more sustainable urban mobility. It will support the new transport institution, INTRANT, to implement the recently formulated National Urban Mobility Policy (NUMP), as well as the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) elaborated for the city of Santo Domingo in the framework of MobiliseYourCity (MYC) initiative. It will also measure their impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions reduction and report the mitigation outcomes.

The programme will provide the necessary support through technical assistance (capaci...

Sector: Transport    |   Total estimated budget: € 138 400 000    |   CIF contribution: € 10 400 000
Dates: Jun/2020 - May/2025    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Dominican Republic

The project seeks to alleviate the pressure on the reference hospitals in Kingston from the large, underserved populations in three parishes of the country’s interior. It will promote the construction, remodelling, and expansion and provision of medical equipment for ten health centres in the catchment areas of the hospitals. Also, the government will develop and implement policies to combat non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as well as to strengthen priority health care services’ networks (three hospitals and associated health centres).

The main objective of the IDB hybrid operation is to contribute to improving the health of Jamaica’s population.&nb...

Sector: Health    |   Total estimated budget: € 54 430 000    |   CIF contribution: € 10 200 000
Dates: Oct/2019 - Oct/2023    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Jamaica

The programme will finance capacity building and studies for the development of renewable photovoltaic solar energy projects and energy efficiency measures in public buildings and in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The programme is structured into three components: (i) pre-investment studies and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency in SMEs, (ii) pre-investment studies and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects using performance based contracts through private energy service providers to the public sector and (iii) Capacity building and institutional support for the management of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and performance based contracts.

The objective of this project is to reduce Barbados’s dependency on imported fossil fuels through the increased use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in the commercial, residential and public sectors. The energy and financial savings wil...

Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 45 845 874    |   CIF contribution: € 13 260 000
Dates: Jul/2019 - Jul/2025    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Barbados

The Agriculture Competitiveness Programme aims to improve animal health, plant health, food safety, agricultural research and technology transfer services. The programme is executed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (LVV).

The main objective of this programme is to address critical activities to strengthen the capacity of the LVV in agricultural innovation and animal and plant health services.  The EU supports the government of Suriname in one of the activities of the programme, that is to complete the physical infrastructure of the Cluster Laboratory of the LVV. The Cluster Laboratory will provide their research and technology transfer func...

Sector: Sustainable agriculture    |   Total estimated budget: € 16 550 000    |   CIF contribution: € 2 350 000
Dates: Dec/2018 - Sep/2022    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Suriname

The objective of this project is to support the reconstruction of infrastructures damaged by hurricane Matthew in October 2016 and flash floods in November 2017. The project will focus in the four provinces identified by the Dominican Republic Government as the most affected by these catastrophic events, namely Monte Cristi, Puerto Plata, Espaillat and Duarte. The project will involve the restoration or new construction of social and basic infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, hydraulics, housing and urban infrastructure. The interventions will be prioritized according to their social impact and contributions to restore livelihoods, reduce vulnerability and enhance resilience to climate change-related disasters in the provinces. 

The project focuses on climate change resilience and will include a substantial element of risk prevention for future natural disasters (floods, tropical storms, earthquakes), with a particular emphasis on climate risks, including areas o...

Sector: Reconstruction Relief & Rehabilitation    |   Total estimated budget: € 59 744 000    |   CIF contribution: € 17 444 000
Dates: Dec/2018 - Dec/2024    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Dominican Republic

This Energy Management and Efficiency Programme (EMEP) promotes energy efficiency and conservation to free public funds through lower government bills and reduced oil imports, helping the government of Jamaica to further reduce its debt and create the fiscal space for productive spending whilst also contributing to greenhouse gas emissions’ reduction.

The specific objectives of this programme are:

  • reduced electricity consumption within government facilities;
  • decreased fuel consumption through improved traffic control management;
  • increased institutional capacity to promote and supervise electricity planning in Jamaica.
Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 36 500 000    |   CIF contribution: € 9 170 000
Dates: Dec/2017 - Mar/2023    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Jamaica

The objective of this project is to expand and reinforce the public operator for urban water supply systems in the coastal area of Suriname. The existing water system in the urban areas of Greater Paramaribo and Moengo will be improved and shifted to sustainable resources, the service perimeter will be expanded to the whole coastal area and financial sustainability of the service will be ensured.

Sector: Water supply & sanitation    |   Total estimated budget: € 16 210 000    |   CIF contribution: € 3 210 000
Dates: Nov/2017 - Aug/2022    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Suriname

The programme aims at mobilizing suitable and adequate resources to support geothermal energy development in the Eastern Caribbean. Ultimately, the project aims at establishing a geothermal power plant that could potentially represent up to 60 megawatts (MW) of base-load power for the Small Island Developing States.

Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 412 760 000    |   CIF contribution: € 12 350 000
Dates: Nov/2017 - Nov/2022    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: - Regional / Multi-country -, Dominica, Grenada, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia

The objective of this project is to reinforce the efficiency and technical and financial sustainability of the National Institute of Potable Water and Sewage System (INAPA) and the Santiago’s Water and Sewage Corporation (CORAASAN). This project will enhance the efficiency of the water services and reduce the discharge of wastewater into the environment.

This project contributes to the investment programmes in the water and sanitation sector made by INAPA, active in rural and peri-urban areas, and CORAASAN, active in the city and in the province of Santiago, reinforcing their efficiency and sustainability at the same time. The project includes investments in water and sanitation infrastructure, capacity building and technical support to ensure quality, efficiency, and sustainability of services.

    Sector: Water supply & sanitation    |   Total estimated budget: € 129 350 000    |   CIF contribution: € 10 350 000
    Dates: Oct/2015 - Oct/2023    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Dominican Republic

    The project aims to promote and finance new sustainable infrastructure projects in the Caribbean region in the sectors of energy, transport, water and sanitation and climate change mitigation. It also seeks to reinforce the national implementing agencies for the seeding and follow-up of new projects, specifically to create a pipeline of quality projects within the borrowing member countries.

    Sector: Reconstruction Relief & Rehabilitation    |   Total estimated budget: € 33 000 000    |   CIF contribution: € 3 150 000
    Dates: Oct/2015 - Dec/2023    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: - Regional / Multi-country -, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia, Suriname

    The project seeks to rehabilitate the most deteriorated segment of one of Belize's main highways, the George Price Highway (GPH), up to national standards and to preserve it through adequate maintenance while improving and guaranteeing road connectivity between the Northern, Southern and Central Regions of Belize as well as enhancing physical connectivity with Central America and Mexico. The GPH is included in the International Network of Mesoamerican Roads (RICAM), which is recognized as important for physical regional integration and the progressive implementation of a Partial-Scope Agreement with Guatemala (2010) and other trade agreements being negotiated with Honduras and El Salvador.

    This project aims to reduce transport costs and the road's vulnerability to flooding and other natural hazards, thereby increasing its resilience to climate change. Another objective of the project is to reduce road fatalities by increasing road user safety, ensuring adequate signaling, buil...

    Sector: Transport    |   Total estimated budget: € 21 700 000    |   CIF contribution: € 5 200 000
    Dates: Jul/2015 - Jul/2021    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Belize

    The objective of this programme is to reduce participating countries’ dependency on imported fossil fuels by displacing their use in electricity generation with economically viable investments in renewable energy (on the supply side) and energy efficiency (on the demand side). The programme will provide funding for investments for renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as technical assistance for institutional strengthening, capacity building and project support.

    Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 21 368 000    |   CIF contribution: € 4 450 000
    Dates: Jun/2015 - Dec/2023    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: - Regional / Multi-country -, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia

    The objective of this project is to contribute to the sustainability of the power sector by strengthening the National Electricity Company’s operational procedures and corporate performance, and by improving the sustainability of rural electricity supply. This intervention will reduce generation costs, review the current tariff structure, assess options for power generation using low carbon technologies and improve access to sustainable energy.

    Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 42 970 000    |   CIF contribution: € 5 200 000
    Dates: Jun/2015 - Jun/2022    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Suriname

    The Programme for the Rehabilitation of Distribution Networks and the Reduction of Electrical Losses implemented by the CDEEE (Corporation of Dominican State Electricity Companies) seeks to progressively reduce technical and non-technical energy losses in electricity distribution companies.

    The objective of this programme is to contribute to the sustainability of the power sector by strengthening the national electricity company’s operational procedures and corporate performance, and by improving the sustainability of rural electricity supply. This intervention will reduce generation costs, review the current tariff structure, assess options for power g...

    Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 219 200 000    |   CIF contribution: € 9 530 000
    Dates: Mar/2015 - Oct/2023    |   Status: STOPPED    |   Countries: Dominican Republic

    The programme aims to improve the safety and reliability of the Guyana Power and Light, Inc. (GPL) electricity distribution system by financing infrastructure specifically focused on the reduction of electricity losses, deploying a strong Corporate Development Program (CDP) to manage GPL’s operations and  implement solutions to GPL’s longstanding problems, while improving quality of service through: (a) the rehabilitation of the existing distribution network and associated equipment as part of a strategic loss reduction programme; and (b) the strengthening of GPL, in order to contribute to the enhancement of its corporate capacities, which will help to achieve a set of performance targets for GPL.

    Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 46 455 395    |   CIF contribution: € 19 375 000
    Dates: Jul/2014 - Sep/2021    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Guyana

    The programme will improve the water and sanitation services in three selected locations outside Guyana’s capital, and in the capital Georgetown, through infrastructure rehabilitation interventions to the water supply network and the upgrade of 1,000pit latrines into efficient septic tanks.

    The Water Treatment and Supply Infrastructure Improvement Programme (WTSIIP) will contribute to increasing the portion of Guyana’s population with access to quality water and sanitation services.

    Sector: Water supply & sanitation    |   Total estimated budget: € 22 788 848    |   CIF contribution: € 10 675 000
    Dates: Jul/2014 - Dec/2020    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Guyana

    The objective of this project is to support the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica’s policy for the development of geothermal resources. In particular, it will significantly increase the knowledge of the geothermal potential in Wotten Waven, allowing for a rapid start of an initial small power production aimed at the local market, preparing the concession that will exploit this reservoir and monitoring the concessionaire’s operations initial investments.

    The current project is the final step towards the materialization of the potentially largest geothermal power plant in the Caribbean with an overall cost currently estimated at EUR 500­ – 600 million. Besides its sheer size, its impact will be local, regional and global. The product will be highly beneficial to Dominica's economy as well as to the one of Guadeloupe and Martinique. It will bring major benefit...

    Sector: Sustainable energy    |   Total estimated budget: € 8 640 000    |   CIF contribution: € 2 140 000
    Dates: Mar/2013 - Sep/2022    |   Status: ONGOING    |   Countries: Dominica